It’s BO TIME!   Bojangles’ and K95 want you to win a private acoustic performance from country recording artist, Bryan Mayer!  Plus Bojangles’ will provide food and fixings for 20 of your friends!  It’s all for you on Sunday, September Sept 8th from 3-5pm.  Enter below for your chance to win!   

27 thoughts on “Bojangles’ Private Party

  1. Everyone has been asking me when I am hosting my next house show party….. can I just have yall tell them over the radio? I mean, what better birthday present could I get my older brother than his own personal concert in the living room? He always does such a good job with my birthday and Christmas gifts (he usually gets me a guitar!!!!!) I love to give him a gift that would go down in history!!!! Please @k95country HELP A BROTHER OUT!!!!!

  2. Please Please pick me. I am so excited!!!!! You would have a blast with my 20 friends I brought. And I just need a good night out on the town. Not trying to be a downer or nothing however, my mom has alzheimers and it has been so tough lately I just need a night out away from it. Just one GOOD night!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wether we are having a cook out for father’s day or a birthday, I can invite 10 and 20 will show up!!! We are definitely the party house!!! The definition of Sunday Funday!!!! Help us celebrate living…. you provide the great music and food and I will ???? % provide the awesome people !!!!
    Thought #1 pick me
    Thought #2 pick me ????

  4. I just moved into a new home with an awesome outdoor space and this would be the perfect way for me to break in my new home!!

    It will be the opportunity of a lifetime and memories that will never fade!

  5. We eat Bojangles almost every morning at my office.. It’s BO time!! We would love to enjoy a concert while enjoying Bojangles at the same time!

  6. Good food, good fun. Great music, big party. Love country music. Party on the Rivah! Summer fun with friends.

  7. This would be great . I could tell my husband it is his birthday party he loves music and to eat and Bojangles will do all the work.

  8. I would love to win this. To hear great music with friends and family. And to top it off to have a great meal to eat all together and Creating long lasting memories together . My husband and I work a lot of hours and this will be so awesome to win and be able to spend time with wonderful family and great friends .

  9. Good morning,
    I would so love to win this. It would be such a break from what I have been dealing with. My mom has alzheimer’s and it has been tough taking care of her and being on an emotional rollercoaster. A night with Byran Mayer would be so exciting and out of my life right now. Please Please pick me. I live on a big farm and it would be the idea place to have this!!!!!!!!

  10. My dad is a country music fan and so is my brother. We own a small business that has been in business for 40+ years and have never won anything. We have listened to your station from 7 am to 5 pm monday thur friday every week for 20+ years. My workers go to Bojangles Every week and love the chicken and breakfast. We would love to have you come to our house or work and celebrate with us. My dad is now 68 years old and is getting ready to retire and this would be a great party to show that we love him and appreciate him for giving us this trade and business to live on for him.

  11. 1. Lots of Bojangles
    2. It ain’t a backyard party without some BO boxes in the back yard
    3. Can’t forget the baked beans
    4. It’s all about that dirty rice
    5. Ain’t no party like a backyard party with Bryan Mayer&Bojangles
    6. The more neighbors that come over the more bojangles we eat
    7. Lots of jangles sweet tea
    8. Have a chicken eating contest with all the bojangles
    9. Line dance to a chicken song played by Bryan
    10. The more breasts in the boxes the happier we are
    11. Don’t forget all them delicious wings
    12 spread all the Cajun pintos and count how many you eat
    13. Play Corn hole with the bojangles boxes
    14. Share some seasoned fry’s with all the gang
    15. Last but not least enjoy time with friends and family and listening to the greatest country singer in Eastern Carolina while eating the best chicken on the planet

  12. Bojangles 15 thoughts:
    #Bryan Mayer!

  13. Since Bojangles is our family’s favorite I should win. always Bojangles for tailgating, hunting and fishing, church dinners, and any other time we need a good meal and Mama can’t/won’t cook when the boys were younger Bojangles won many “a best fry in town contest!” When I was working a dozen biscuits for the lounge made me the most popular gal at work. we have bees so when there is a sickness, death, birth, new neighbor, or just I hate to come empty handed ….it’s honey and biscuits I arrive with….people love it!!!!

  14. Can’t wait to have Bryan come to my house and play. We love him here at Sea Gate Marina. Pick us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This would be so awesome . Love K95 and Bojangkrs and never get to see all my friends at once . Thanks fir the chance ????????❤️

  16. I would love some chicken and biscuits and Bryan Mayer! Yes Bryan can come sing for my friends and I, I would love that. Parties are fun. Parties are extremely exciting when you have Bryan and Bojangles! You see it goes like this… Parties are fun when it Bryan and Lisa and Bo time. Sing that a couple of times. Bryan don’t forget to bring the family along to the party. Its party time! Its Bo Time!

  17. This would be an amazing way to get a bunch of our fellow teachers together to celebrate the first couple weeks of school!!!

  18. OMG!!! This would be such an awesome experience! I love K95 Bryan Mayer and Bojangles! We could do it poolside! I hope i am picked! Good Luck to all of the entries! Regardless who wins, K95 is how the Henrico spells C-O-U-N-T-R-Y !!!

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