As if Friday wasn’t already your favorite day of the week… K95 is going to make it EVEN BETTER by invading your office with Brock’s BBQ!

Twice a month, we’ll choose one lucky office to upgrade their Friday and win FREE lunch! Register your office below to win the K95 Office Invasion and we just might show up at YOUR office with delicious food from Brock’s BBQ for you and all your co-workers!

14 thoughts on “K95 Office Invasion

  1. 1.) It’s Amazing, we are amazing, and you guys are amazing, so it will be amazing.
    2.) Most of us are former athletes and love to eat some good food!
    3.) I’m an intern at ARMS and would love to win this contest as a “Thanks!” to them for an AMAZING summer!

  2. First we Love K-95 and we listen to it all day long.
    I would love to win so I could give a lunch to my Employees
    This is a wonderful thing that K-95 offers
    Say no more we love K-95 so much the best country station around.

  3. We are just a hard working group of ladies that listen to K95 all day while taking care of the mental health population in Petersburg!! We hope to see you all walk through our doors!!!

  4. We our a small business that has been in business for 30 plus years and have been serving the community thur funraisers and supporting high schools. We love helping people and giving back. My dad started this business from the ground up and is still working to this day. We are so proud of him and want to hornor his with this. We thank him everyday for teaching us to do the right things in life and to give back when we can.

  5. Good Marketing
    Encourages office comradery
    Good food
    Nice break to the day
    Well deserved
    Getting together would be nice
    Surprise for the staff

  6. We work at the School Board Office and there has been a ton of stuff going on. We have been under construction for a hot minute and it has been a mess. We will be moving from a basement up to a real offices. With that said it’s been a lot of work packing, moving and just a lot going on. It would be great if we could get this. Also love listening to ya’ll.

  7. Our company is going thru a lot of transitions and our departments need some pickup to know that are appreciated. Have been listening to K95 for over 50 years and love this station.

  8. Our staff loves Brock’s and would enjoy a luncheon and some "team" time together to enjoy the food and each other.
    Thanks for this great giveaway.

    CMA’s Colonial Chevrolet(Heritage Chevrolet)

  9. I would love to treat the employee’s at the Dinwiddie School Board Office. We are out in the country and maybe never be picked but it would be amazing to treat them for a wonderful lunch!!!!

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