K95 wants to give much deserved credit to the teachers that inspire RVA’s youth everyday!

Do you have a teacher in mind that goes above and beyond for his or her students? Nominate them below!

Once a week, Lori will surprise one lucky teacher on air with a Bojangles’ prize pack and an Amazon gift card for all they do!

6 thoughts on “Lori’s K95 Featured Teacher

  1. Thank you for recognizing those who teach the younger generation. Their job is so important but not recognized often enough.

  2. I love K95 I listen to it every morning heading to work and it gets me in a very happy mood and makes me strive at work you guys are the best keep up the awesome work.

  3. I love this idea it makes teachers feel super happy and proud of what they are accomplishing!
    This also gives kids a way to see how much teachers do for their children!!!

  4. I think that the featured teacher is an amazing idea… teachers work twenty four seven, and most of them don’t get treated right. Even when students have break, the teachers are either at the school finishing up work for the previous week’s grades, or they’re at home, mostly doing work. Some students don’t pay any attention in class, or are disrespectful to the teachers, and the teachers get stressed out. Teachers need a break, and a lot of them.

  5. Not only is Ms Courtney an amazing teacher, but a phenomenal human being.
    She is so generous and warmhearted. She has the ability to transition that amazing personality and energetic personality into her teaching methods. There’s a lot to say about Courtney’s teaching style that should be molded and put on display for others to follow…and she’s only just begun.

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