3 thoughts on “K95 Unplugged with David Lee Murphy

  1. Billy D is so very much missed. How is he doing? He was such an amazing, gifted and talented personality and caring person, a loving dad that was so proud of his son. His quick wit, great sense of humor can’t be replaced. He brought much joy to his job, to the staff, K-95 and of course his loyal listeners. I would very much like Billy to know he made a difference to many of us. He was one very special young man. K-95 lost a great gift in his leaving. I hope he is being blessed. I would appreciate a response to this email. Thank you, Kindly,

  2. I agree with Bev above because Billy and Lori had a special chemistry that I miss and it is not the same on the B.B. group.

  3. I actually can’t listen to the B.B. group. I used to have my alarm set to K95 to hear Lori and Billy D. Now I have changed it to another channel until 10:00 when Lori is back on. I avoid other radio stations due to their morning group. Now K95 is just another one to avoid. I greatly miss listening to Lori and Billy D in the mornings. They had great chemistry and were very enjoyable to listen to.

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