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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 23 2014 9:27AM
1) Cigarette manufacturer Reynolds American Inc. has banned smoking by employees in their offices and elevators, but smokeless tobacco will still be ok. So instead of ash trays everyone will have a spitoon on their desk.

2) In college football the Hokies are taking on Miami at home tonight while Catfish's ECU Pirates will take on Connecticut. Billy D's a VCU so he doesn't have a dog in that fight. But as Catfish always says, VCU is still undefeated in football!

3) Another fence jumper made it most of the way up to the White House. We're thinking this whole fence jumping thing could become the next big Olympic sport. But only if it's at the White House.

4) There's a solar eclipse tonight around 6:20pm. The bad news is you're not supposed to look at it because you'll go blind, so make sure you watch it like everything else... on the internet.

5) TODAY someone will be winning $1,000 because it's Thousand Dollar Thursday for the K95 Phrase That Pays! Although Lori had a little trouble getting that out this morning...
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 23 2014 8:00AM
Q: One in five women admit that they do this while getting ready for a big date. What is it?

A: Talk to themselves.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 23 2014 7:01AM
Everyone has tip for losing weight, but I bet you've never heard some of these before...

Divorce your wife. There's 275 pounds gone right there.

Don't limit your fruit intake to whatever's inside your pastry.

Every time you feel like eating, picture Renee Zellweger's new face. It'll pass.

Only weight yourself on the moon.

Notice how you just topped your pancake with butter, your butter with jelly, your jelly with syrup, and your syrup with whipped cream? Maybe stop doing that.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 22 2014 8:10AM
1) RVA has been voted as #10 for cities in the US with the biggest sweet tooth. That supports the 2012 results that found we were in the top 20 for obesity.

2) Sharknado 3 is coming... and will be set in Washington D.C. Feel free to skip it like you did the other two movies.

3) The domesticated pig "Tucker" will not be allowed to stay in his Brandermill home. If you want to give him a hug, I'd do it sooner rather than later.

4) Game 2 of the World Series is tonight on FOX where the Giants will be going for win number 2 over the Royals. Plus Little Big Town will be singing the National Anthem!

5) Tomorrow is $1,000 Thursday for the K95 Phrase That Pays... be sure you're signed up to win easy cash!
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 22 2014 8:06AM
Q: Technology experts say you probably have 7 of these. What is it?

A: Passwords.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 21 2014 8:25AM
1) Game 1 of the World Series is tonight! Watch some former Richmond Flying Squirrels as the San Francisco Giants take on the Kansas City Royals on FOX.

2) Apple Pay launched yesterday so that you can pay for things with your cellphone and have your information linked and ruin your life forever. Good luck!

3) Little Big Town's (Lori's favorite band) new album comes out today. It's called "Painkiller" and is available on disc and digital download here.

4) We stumbled on the 4 secrets to help you never get sick: fresh air, relaxation, wash your hands and sleep alot. Lazy people must have the best health in the world!

5) With I-95 traffic in such bad shape this morning, Catfish had some helpful words of wisdom: no matter where you're headed, use I-85 South. Let us know how that works for ya.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 21 2014 8:01AM
Lori's favorite band has a brand new release today! You can pick up or download Little Big Town's "Painkiller" right here!
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 21 2014 8:00AM
Q: According to a recent survey of U.S. corporations, 1/3 of employers don't do this at all. What is it?

A: Check out the information on a resume.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 20 2014 9:04AM
It's Monday so we could only muster 4 things today...

1) Brad Pitt led the box office with his new WWII film, which proves that you can put this guy in anything and it'l sell a ticket. Just ask Lori!

2) According to a survey, 30% of us will liek about how GREAT our weekend was. Billy D's favorite lie is telling bartenders he's Catfish to get free drinks.

3) In a touching story a raven found injured in Henrico received what we guess is the first ever feather transplant (well, at least the first we've ever heard of). You can read about it in today's Times-Dispatch.

4) Colt McCoy got the Redskins their second win of the season! So if we change QB's every game maybe we'll have a chance!
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 20 2014 8:00AM
Q: More than 20,000 serious injuries occur each year as a result of this. What is it?

A: Untied shoelaces.
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