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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 24 2014 9:10AM
Mackenzie from Kroger stopped by to give Catfish, Lori & Billy D their flu shots this morning. This was Billy's first and he had a few concerns on any side effects that would effect his drinking...
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 24 2014 9:04AM
Q: You're probably familiar with just one, but there are actually over 500 different types of this food item.

A: Bananas
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 24 2014 7:20AM
There are a few interesting things coming out this weekend with the horror movie Ouija (the trailer scared Lori to death) and Bill Murray comedy St. Vincent, but our bet is on John Wick starring Keanu Reaves. We know it's Keanu, but we think he'sat his best when he's just doing lots of action (and not alot of talking). If you go see it, let us know what you think!
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 23 2014 9:27AM
1) Cigarette manufacturer Reynolds American Inc. has banned smoking by employees in their offices and elevators, but smokeless tobacco will still be ok. So instead of ash trays everyone will have a spitoon on their desk.

2) In college football the Hokies are taking on Miami at home tonight while Catfish's ECU Pirates will take on Connecticut. Billy D's a VCU so he doesn't have a dog in that fight. But as Catfish always says, VCU is still undefeated in football!

3) Another fence jumper made it most of the way up to the White House. We're thinking this whole fence jumping thing could become the next big Olympic sport. But only if it's at the White House.

4) There's a solar eclipse tonight around 6:20pm. The bad news is you're not supposed to look at it because you'll go blind, so make sure you watch it like everything else... on the internet.

5) TODAY someone will be winning $1,000 because it's Thousand Dollar Thursday for the K95 Phrase That Pays! Although Lori had a little trouble getting that out this morning...
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 23 2014 8:00AM
Q: One in five women admit that they do this while getting ready for a big date. What is it?

A: Talk to themselves.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 23 2014 7:01AM
Everyone has tip for losing weight, but I bet you've never heard some of these before...

Divorce your wife. There's 275 pounds gone right there.

Don't limit your fruit intake to whatever's inside your pastry.

Every time you feel like eating, picture Renee Zellweger's new face. It'll pass.

Only weight yourself on the moon.

Notice how you just topped your pancake with butter, your butter with jelly, your jelly with syrup, and your syrup with whipped cream? Maybe stop doing that.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 22 2014 8:10AM
1) RVA has been voted as #10 for cities in the US with the biggest sweet tooth. That supports the 2012 results that found we were in the top 20 for obesity.

2) Sharknado 3 is coming... and will be set in Washington D.C. Feel free to skip it like you did the other two movies.

3) The domesticated pig "Tucker" will not be allowed to stay in his Brandermill home. If you want to give him a hug, I'd do it sooner rather than later.

4) Game 2 of the World Series is tonight on FOX where the Giants will be going for win number 2 over the Royals. Plus Little Big Town will be singing the National Anthem!

5) Tomorrow is $1,000 Thursday for the K95 Phrase That Pays... be sure you're signed up to win easy cash!
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 22 2014 8:06AM
Q: Technology experts say you probably have 7 of these. What is it?

A: Passwords.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 21 2014 8:25AM
1) Game 1 of the World Series is tonight! Watch some former Richmond Flying Squirrels as the San Francisco Giants take on the Kansas City Royals on FOX.

2) Apple Pay launched yesterday so that you can pay for things with your cellphone and have your information linked and ruin your life forever. Good luck!

3) Little Big Town's (Lori's favorite band) new album comes out today. It's called "Painkiller" and is available on disc and digital download here.

4) We stumbled on the 4 secrets to help you never get sick: fresh air, relaxation, wash your hands and sleep alot. Lazy people must have the best health in the world!

5) With I-95 traffic in such bad shape this morning, Catfish had some helpful words of wisdom: no matter where you're headed, use I-85 South. Let us know how that works for ya.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 21 2014 8:01AM
Lori's favorite band has a brand new release today! You can pick up or download Little Big Town's "Painkiller" right here!
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 21 2014 8:00AM
Q: According to a recent survey of U.S. corporations, 1/3 of employers don't do this at all. What is it?

A: Check out the information on a resume.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 20 2014 9:04AM
It's Monday so we could only muster 4 things today...

1) Brad Pitt led the box office with his new WWII film, which proves that you can put this guy in anything and it'l sell a ticket. Just ask Lori!

2) According to a survey, 30% of us will liek about how GREAT our weekend was. Billy D's favorite lie is telling bartenders he's Catfish to get free drinks.

3) In a touching story a raven found injured in Henrico received what we guess is the first ever feather transplant (well, at least the first we've ever heard of). You can read about it in today's Times-Dispatch.

4) Colt McCoy got the Redskins their second win of the season! So if we change QB's every game maybe we'll have a chance!
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 20 2014 8:00AM
Q: More than 20,000 serious injuries occur each year as a result of this. What is it?

A: Untied shoelaces.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 20 2014 6:26AM
MIRANDA LAMBERT and LEANN RIMES will be part of the Great American Dog-a-Thon, airing Thanksgiving night on Fox. The show hopes to raise awareness about homeless dogs, with details on how to adopt or foster them. Hilary Swank is the host, and other guests include Betty White, Scarlett Johansson, Fergie, Josh Duhamel,Kristen Bell and Paula Abdul. Check out more here!
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 17 2014 8:50AM
1) So we found one of those quizzes that figures out your... *ahem*... exotic dancer name. Catfish is Rusty McDonald, Lori is Pokey Thompson and Billy D is Runt Southworth! Take your first pet's name and your mother's maiden name to find yours!

2) There are a few new movies in theaters this weekend but the only one we think will be worth a hoot is Fury, so there's our recommendation.

3) Apple has a brand new iPad Air 2 coming out and wants you to set up your finances on Apple Pay. Because sure, we all really trust how Apple handles info in the Cloud, don't we?

4) There are quite a few events you can dive into this weekend including the Souper Bowl, VA Hops & Barley Festival and the Kicking Chicken Wing Fest, so no excuse to have nothing to do!

5) Ebola. Just 'cause you can't have a daily wrap-up without it.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 17 2014 7:55AM
Honor Flight has a trip scheduled for this Saturday, Oct 18th. Two buses with 48 WWII and Korean War Veterans will leave from VFW Post 9808 in Mechanicsville at 8:15am. They will travel from the VFW post on Bell Creek Road to Mechanicsville Turnpike, turn left and proceed to I-295. The public is encouraged to come out and line Bell Creek Road waving their flags and posters as the busses pass. For more, visit
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 17 2014 7:51AM
Reva Mcentire posted a video announcement on Facebook promising something BIG coming up next Tuesday. She said, quote, "Hey, we've got a little surprise for ya. A little surprise announcement October 21st. Stay tuned right here for more details." Tuesday is when new albums are released, so, that's my guess.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 16 2014 8:49AM
1) HBO is starting its own streaming service similar to Netflix! That wish you always had of a-la-carte cable channels looks like it'll come to fruition. Thanks internet!

2) Today is $1,000 day for the K95 Phrase That Pays... make sure you're signed up!

3) To make up for Virginia budget shortfalls Governor McAuliffe announed some state employees will lose their jobs and the markup on liquor in the Commonwealth will go up. Is it time for another Boston Tea Party?

4) Good news for the Redskins (hopefully!)... RGIII starting practicing with the team again. Maybe we'll turn this 1-5 record into at least a 2-14 before the year's through.

5) Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Oscars this year, which will mark the infinity-th year in a row that we haven't watched the Oscars.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 16 2014 7:55AM
Q: The average person will drink 22 gallons of THIS a year. What is it?

A: Beer.
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 16 2014 6:36AM is asking readers to vote for "Country's Most Beautiful Woman"... and they're casting a very wide net. There are 49 semifinalists, plus the obligatory "other" so you can write in someone they may have missed. You'll have to give up your name and email to vote. The poll ends October 26th.

Place your vote here!

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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 15 2014 8:24AM
1) No ebola in the Richmond! Yet. But don't panic.

2) Colonial Downs' fate may be decided today as they figure out whether horse racing will continue. If not they could be closed as November 1st, so be ready to place all your horse bets at bars instead!

3) Richmond's the new food center of the U.S.! Well, that's what we're saying since an RVA establishment, Rappahannock Restaurant, was named the #1 Best New Restaurant by Esquire Magazine!

4) Nascar is handing out the fines after last weekend's pushing and shoving. Well, at least Brad Keselowski and Tony Stewart are getting fined, because they threw punches. The folks that just pushed and shoved didn't get fined, so evindently it's okay to fight like a girl in Nascar.

5) If you're not signed up for the K95 Phrase That Pays you better get signed up now... tomorrow we're giving away $1,000!
by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 15 2014 7:57AM
Richmond's gaining national attention for our food scene. In fact, Rappahannock Restaurant was just named Best New Restaurant by Esquire Magazine! Even the runner-up was a Virginia establishment, with Staunon's The Shack coming in 2nd.

Check out the full Times-Dispatch article here.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 15 2014 7:23AM
Q: The typical American will do this about 6000 times in his or her lifetime... although women will do it around 1000 times more than men. What is it?

A: Step on a scale.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 14 2014 8:50AM
1) Auditions for America's Got Talent are coming to town! We're going to try out... Lori will do her quarter tossing, Catfish is great at tossing cellphones and evidently Billy can burp most of the theme from Cheers. Wish us luck!

2) Ebola might be here in Richmond, so remember... WASH YOUR HANDS. And cover your mouth when you sneeze. And cough.

3) The Walking Dead season premiere had 17.3 million viewers. People love zombie TV!

4) Esquire Magazine has named Penelope Cruz the sexiest woman alive for 2014... and they have Catfish and Billy's full support.

5) After 45 days missing, Kin Jong Un has resurfaced walking with a cane. Turns out he was in Catfish's basement.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 14 2014 8:00AM
Q: According to a new YouGov survey, about one in four Americans know how to use this tool... a number that nears 100% in some other countries. What is it?

A: Chopsticks.
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 14 2014 6:20AM
Florida Georgia Line - Anything Goes
The guys took the title because it's sort of their philosophy in music and life. Musically, they hope to grow with the follow-up to Here's To The Good Times. The lead single, Dirt, has already reached the top of the charts.

The Swon Brothers
Self-titled debut album.

Angaleena Presley
Debut album, American Middle Class. Angaleena had previously been a member of Pistol Annie's, the side project of Miranda Lambert.

by Catfish, Lori and Billy D posted Oct 13 2014 8:30AM
1) First off, since it's Columbus Day and we want off like a lot of other folks have, so we're taking it easy with a Top 3 instead of a Top 5 so... happy Columbus Day!

Oh, and here's our top things Christopher Columbus would say if he were alive today:

2) The first case of Ebola transmitted in the US was reported in Dallas. So you know, WASH YOUR HANDS.

3) With Brad Keselowski and other Nascar drivers going at it with fisticuffs this past weekend, evidently racing is entering a new era of cage matches and bodyslams... maybe the WWE is making it's way onto the track?
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by Catfish, Lori & Billy D posted Oct 13 2014 8:00AM
Q: We spent about $87million on these last year and they didn't even exist a decade ago. What are they?

A: 3D-printed items.
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by Catfish, Lori and Billy D posted Oct 13 2014 6:05AM
Taylor Swift has been named "Billboard's" Woman of the Year for the second time. She was honored back in 2011. She's also the only artist in the magazine's history to be awarded twice.

Check out more here!
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