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Kick off your day with LIVE and LOCAL morning fun with Catfish, Lori and Billy D! We'll keep you up to date with the latest going on around Richmond, traffic, weather, country news and whatever other nonsense pops into our heads.

About Catfish, Lori and Billy D
Catfish (who grew up too poor to have a last name) has been on K95 since March of 1988 and knows this city and country music better than anybody. If he thinks there’s something in the water, he’ll try to catch it. Lori is living her dream come true by sharing her life and love of country music on K95. She enjoys the outdoors and seeing the countryside on their Harley, and she loves animals! Billy D is the newest member of the team and has worked behind the scenes with Catfish and Lori for many years. Growing up most of his life listening to Catfish, he considers it the chance of a lifetime to be on the K95 morning show.

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